Not all writers take to blogging equally

British writer Scarlett Thomas, author of Popco and Bright Young Things, temporarily replaced her website’s blog-like diary offerings with a single sentence: “Fuck off and die.”

According to Dogmatika:

A note on the site read: “I will no longer be corresponding with readers. Sorry. I did enjoy it but one sad twat has fucked it up for all of you. Hope you enjoy the books.”

Now Thomas is back, with an explanation:

Sorry to everyone who was freaked out by the ‘fuck off and die’ website I had going for a while. . . I don’t know what I am actually going to do with this site. When it started, the idea was for it to be a kind of extreme publicity experience. . . I was so pissed off with the publicity I was having to do. But now, I’m not sure.


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