Neglected translations? Please advise.

Harold Braswell, an American living in Buenos Aires, recently began writing a literary column for the New Republic Online called “Found in Translation.” Each review centers on a work of literature in translation — “most likely one by a small press” — “that has not received as much attention in the U.S. as it should.”

He’s asked me to solicit your recommendations for “works of literature, journalism, or philosophy in translation” that he should read and consider reviewing.

To get a sense of his approach, read his piece on Guatemalan author Mario Roberto Morales’ book Face of the Earth, Heart of the Sky, or the one on Miljenko Jergovic’s Sarajevo Marlboro, one of my favorite books of 2004.

After you’ve read his reviews, please send off your own suggestions, posthaste. (This means you, folks, every last one of you.)


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