Maybe if Munro had thrown in a bar fight

This post was written by guest blogger Susan Ramsey.

The defense of the short story continues, not that anyone seems to be listening.

I wouldn’t dream of siding with G.K. Chesterton’s “It is not my place here to choose between those who love death and short stories and those who love life and long novels.” To get away with that it helps to be as tall and broad as Chesterton (when a young woman said, “It must be wonderful to be so famous that everyone knows who you are,” he replied sadly “If they don’t, they ask.”)

But I do wonder why they don’t call Tim Gautreaux to the defense more often. “Deputy Sid’s Gift” left me gaping like a grouper, and the novels are pretty fine, too — the bar fight (which takes place in a honky-tonk “painted in stolen shades of Exxon blue and Louisiana Highway orange”) in Next Step in the Dance fills me with delight every time. (Via Bookninja.)


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