It’s all true

Today at The Morning News’ Tournament of Books, if you’re following it, you can see whether I selected Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America or T.C. Boyle’s The Inner Circle.

As The New York Times‘ Sarah Boxer foretold, screaming throngs of the contenders’ fans will not be present as you read to jeer my decision and justification — if you can call it a justification.

In addition, you can, if you have not yet had your fill of articles on literary bloggers, learn from USA Today‘s Edward Nawotka (who has a soothing phone manner that will lull you into saying all kinds of stupid things) that I think blogging suits my “obsessive and easily distracted” personality. Thank God that’s what he decided to quote.

Other bloggers are mentioned in both of those articles, and I urge you to check out each of their sites, and all of these.

Also, just so you know what you’re getting into, I should mention that I still like to play with knives.


Especially lately.


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