24 rejecting publishers to reading public: oopsie!

Sam Lipsyte and his novel, Home Land, have been racking up some well-deserved accolades in the book blogosphere lately. Here’s a sampling:

  • Beatrice raves about Lipsyte’s reading in Manhattan, Moorish Girl applauds the Portland event, and Mark Sarvas reports on a Saturday appearance at Los Angeles’ Skylight Books;
  • The Minor Fall, The Major Lift calls Home Land “one of the funniest fucking books we’ve ever read ever, and we’ve read some funny books in our time”;
  • Sarah Weinman says it’s “insanely good, wickedly funny and utterly memorable”; and

Most of the mainstream press coverage has been positive, too. See, e.g., Daniel Asa Rose’s review, out in today’s New York magazine.

And one of my favorite critics, Chris Lehmann, gave Lipsyte a shout-out when I interviewed him last fall, noting that Home Land “was rejected by 24 American publishers and is coming out in January as a paperback after being published by Flamingo in England.”


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