Quick weekend remainders (because I’ve missed you so)*

  • Marie Arana talks briefly with Jonathan Lethem in the latest Book World and reveals that next month Lethem will release “The Disappointment Artist, a mix of personal essays and cultural commentary.”
  • The BBC has announced the cast of its £8 million adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Bleak House. Former X-Files star Gillian Anderson is on the payroll.
  • Ben Marcus, Richard Bausch, Jim Shephard and other authors wishing to replace Frank Conroy as head of the University of Iowa’s Writers’ Workshop will participate in a series of public readings.
  • A Harvard sophomore has created an online textbook exchange. Says Bookninja: “This is why some people get into Harvard. Every campus should have one.”
  • “Increasingly, writers, readers and publishers are turning to literature as a bridge between cultures, particularly Western and Arab societies estranged since Muslim extremists from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and elsewhere attacked the United States on September 11, 2001.”

*And am trying to assuage my guilt over something like a thousand unanswered email messages.


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