Fear, loathing and the movies

This post was written by Friday blogger Annie Reid.

This is the sort of website that some others find hilarious, that I find cruel and definitely ethically dubious. (No, I don’t have a stick up my ass, I’m just a nice lady. So sue me.) But it is also a window into the world of screenwriting. A mystery manager posts supposedly real query letters on this anonymous website, with special emphasis on the plot summaries.

So now I point you, for comparison, to this list of plot summaries and buying info for movie scripts that have recently sold or been announced, which really gives the rejected plotlines a run for their money on the ridiculous front.

(Besides, Battlefield Earth was like some sort of magical masonic key to infinity as far as what’s imaginable onscreen– now truly anything can get made.)

Update: to further depress aspiring screenwriters and lovers of film, CNN suggests that the original screenplay is dead in the water.

But if you’re the persistent type (and I’m tilting at plenty of my own windmills, so please join me), Creative Screenwriting magazine has an excellent free weekly zine and link roundup, CS Weekly, that you can sign up for here.


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