Anniversary love poetry

Brandon Rogers of One Child Left Behind reveals that he and his wife married ten years ago, at the ages of 22 and 19, respectively, after being acquainted for a month. “People I meet love to hear this, and ask me all sorts of related questions,” he says, questions like:

What’s your secret? Did you know right away you were soul mates? Was it love at first sight?

My answer? We had no f.n. clue. We were children. Big, stupid, horny children.

But he’s not completely unsentimental. Occasionally, though he fears it, he dabbles in love poetry:

Every so often my wife will send me poems that turn me into a blubbering mess of goo and aroma. The most recent was in 1999 when her father died. The weight of the moment, combined with her technique of repeating the same phrase, ‘Te iubesc cum…’ at the beginning of each stanza, has inspired me to take my turn, though poetry frightens me more than the sweet down-low.

So I tried yesterday to write her a poem, and I would copy her technique of repeating the same line at the beginning of each stanza. I picked a phrase, ‘Here I Am,’ that underscores the sentiment of my emotion to let her know, as simply as possible, that she can rely on me, no matter what challenges may come our way.

I began to write:

Here I Am,
The one that you love,
Askin’ for another day.
The one that you love,
Loves you in so many ways

I was stunned, because as soon as I uttered that opening phrase, ‘Here I Am,’ the rest flowed effortlessly. Though I struggle with poetry, for some reason, the words just seemed to follow, almost as though I had heard them before! It must be love! It must be fate! It must be…

Wait a second.

It must be songs from the 80s.

Oh, god, I hope she doesn’t recognize Air Supply.

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