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In Ketchum, Idaho, the fate of the house where Ernest Hemingway killed himself remains uncertain. Area residents want to buy it and move it, to prevent tourists from flocking to their neighborhood. But members of a foundation scheduled to receive the property from The Nature Conservancy “view the home above the Big Wood River and its literary legacy as inextricably linked to the property.”

Even the Hemingways disagree about what should happen. Mariel Hemingway, the writer’s granddaughter, favors a literary memorial, while Patrick Hemingway, the writer’s only surviving son, “would like to see the place of his father’s death sold and disassociated with the Hemingway family name.”

Yes, it’s true. Although I mocked Thomasville’s Ernest Hemingway furniture collection, we here at MaudNewton.com are strangely fascinated by any news about Hemingway’s houses. Other posts and articles on the subject include:


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