Wintry malaise

I woke up late this morning, facing still more time in the dentist’s chair (I could buy a small Harley with the amount I’ll have spent on my mouth by the end of next month), scads of work for the corporate overlords, a looming review deadline, and an email backlog of at least 700 messages. So I knew I wouldn’t get much blogging done.

On the walk to the subway, the wind left me with freezer-burned cheeks. It blew all the tears out of my (scary, protuberant) eyes. The flashing light in my peripheral vision returned. And then there was, I’m sorry to say, vomit sliding down the doors of the 1/9 car I ill-advisedly entered on the morning commute.

In short, I haven’t had the heart to trawl the Internet or post the 10,000 things still sitting in my inbox.

In light of my mandatory writing schedule and burgeoning day job workload, this seems like a good time to remind myself and tell new readers what this site is all about.

To that end, please see:

More to come. Thanks for your patience.


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