Who the frick is Dennis DiCarlo? Where’s Maud?!

This post was written by guest blogger Dennis DiClaudio.

Oh my God, this sucks, doesn’t it?

I know just how you feel. It’s Monday morning and you’re sitting at your desk with your coffee and you’re thinking, “You know, Andy and Jimmy and Wendy were really good substitutes, and Annie’s always a welcome change-up on Fridays, but I’m totally ready to have Maud back behind the wheel. I need that. I want her subtle blend of self-effacing humor and preternatural knowlege of the industry. I have to get back to some kind of regularity or, so help me God, I’m gonna smash the mail guy in the face with my ergonomically-crafted ceramic coffee mug!”

What a bummer. I’m so sorry. I truly am. I feel the exact same way. But Maud will be back soon. She will, really.

Until then…

…well, I’m here today. Suck it up.


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