WGA nominations

This post was written by Friday blogger Annie Reid.

The Writer’s Guild of America has announced the screenplay nominees for the annual Writer’s Guild Awards.

Nominees are:


THE AVIATOR, Written by John Logan, Miramax Films

ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, Screenplay by Charlie Kaufman, Story by Charlie Kaufman & Michel Gondry & Pierre Bismuth, Focus Features

GARDEN STATE, Written by Zach Braff, Fox Searchlight Pictures

HOTEL RWANDA, Written by Keir Pearson & Terry George, United Artists

KINSEY, Written by Bill Condon, Fox Searchlight Pictures


BEFORE SUNSET, Screenplay by Richard Linklater & Julie Delpy & Ethan Hawke, Story by Richard Linklater & Kim Krizan, Based on Characters Created by Richard Linklater & Kim Krizan, Warner Independent Pictures

MEAN GIRLS, Screenplay by Tina Fey, Based on the Book “Queen Bees and Wannabes”) by Rosalind Wiseman, Paramount Pictures

MILLION DOLLAR BABY, Screenplay by Paul Haggis, Based upon Stories from “Rope Burns” by F.X. Toole, Warner Bros.

THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES, Screenplay by Jose Rivera, Based on the Books “Notas de Viaje” by Ernesto Guevara and “Con el Che por America Latina” by Alberto Granado, Focus Features

SIDEWAYS, Screenplay by Alexander Payne & Jim Taylor, Based on the Novel by Rex Pickett, Fox Searchlight Pictures

Winners will be announced February 19th.


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