We are (spongy, homosexual) family!

This post was written by Friday blogger Annie Reid.

Now the Revered James Dobson, conservative Christian, would be kingmaker, and anti-gay activist decries a recent video starring SpongeBob Squarepants as gay propaganda.

While I agree that Bob’s squarishness, sponginess and the tantalizing glimpse of his tightie whities all add up to an unmistakable sense that he is HAWT!, I’m not sure that a tentative connection with the man who wrote, “We Are Family” is enough to make the connection that Bob is hawking “alternative lifestyles”. Until I see photographs of him coming out of the bathhouse with Tinky Winky, I’m not convinced:

(I’m sorry for the length, but really, this is too good not to post.) Moorish Girl for the link.)

This would be far more hilarious if Dobson and company weren’t so powerful, and so filled with fear and hatred.


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