Until February

This afternoon I leave to visit my sister and her partner up in Massachusetts. I haven’t seen them since my Evangelical, doghoarding mother responded to Sister’s coming-out letter and wedding announcement in early December.

(All day I’ve battled an irrational sinking feeling that Mom might call. We haven’t spoken in about six months. In our last conversation, she paused several times to beat her dogs with a flyswatter, pointed out that I’m likely to get fat as I age, and referred to her first ex-husband’s 11-year-old niece as “a slut” because she suspected the husband and niece had slept together while she was married to him.

She also warned that I need to “get right with God before it’s too late.” I think it’s too late.*)

So I’ll be off writing, and drinking with Sister, and I’ll return on February 3 or so. I’ve lined up some smart guest bloggers to take over until then, and I’ve pre-posted brief introductions that will appear as each guest’s stint begins.

I don’t plan to be online much, if at all, while I’m away, and chances are I won’t check email until my return.

Have fun and stay warm. Back soon.

* Please understand that this is not a solicitation to convince me otherwise. I understand that God’s grace is infinite, etc., etc.


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