The oh so subtle art of the non sequitur

This post was written by guest blogger Dennis DiClaudio.

Wow! I am full of Mexican food suddenly.

Speaking of which, did any of you happen upon former Haypenny editor Matthew Tobey’s website recently? Probably not or else you’d still be reading the massive Top 500 Best Songs Ever! (Sort Of) list he’s compiled.

As a response to Rolling Stone’s “snoozetastic” Top 500 list, he asked a bunch of writers–including Dan Kennedy (author of Loser Goes First), Josh Abraham and Geoff Wolinetz (of Yankee Pot Roast), AJ Daulerio (of The Black Table), Mark Lisanti (of The Defamer) and Christopher Monks (of Utter Wonder) [question: would it be more or less lame to mention that I’m in there too?]–to contribute their personal top 100 lists. Tobey shaped those lists into one giant uber-list into which he breathed life as though it were a golem.

I know this is the kind of thing that just begs to be ridiculed, especially since after the top-150 or so, I had to do a lot of God-playing. But, whatever. It’s my blog. If thinking of it as a list of “favorites” rather than a list of “bests” helps you get through it without blowing your top over the absence of any Leadbelly or Abba, then have at it.

I never realized it, but those lists are a bitch to compile. I was re-reading my personal top 100 list and even I think I’m an asshole.


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