That Noise You Hear? The Sound of Doors Being Bolted Against a Tide of Slush Submissions

Publishers Weekly has annointed ten “young turks” — “hip, young, talented, and not publicity-averse” editors under age 35 — for ritual hazing. They are:

Tim Duggan, HarperCollins
Chris Jackson, Crown
Gillian Blake, Bloomsbury
Geoff Shandler, Little Brown
Sean McDonald, Riverhead
Molly Stern, Viking
Becky Cole, Broadway
Richard Nash, Soft Skull Press
David Levithan, Scholastic
Nancy Hinkel, Knopf Books for Young Readers

(Via Book Angst.) In somewhat related news, the New York Post‘s Sara Nelson takes PW‘s Editor-in-Chief slot, “having demonstrated to the NYC publishing world that one can be simultaneously peripatetic and upwardly mobile.”

One onlooker notes Nelson’s plans for a “substantial redesign,” and predicts the new cover will feature “a topless Jonathan Franzen with a man cupping his breasts from behind.”


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