Saturday remainders

  • Booker prize winners like J.M. Coetzee and Margaret Atwood will join Stephen King and Scott Turow in contributing to an anthology called New Beginnings to benefit countries affected by the tsunami disaster. According to The Scotsman, the book “will consist of the first chapters of the next books from some of the most popular and acclaimed writers in the English language.”
  • Jeanette Winterson talks about her latest novel and her new gig as a London greengrocer.
  • Given Nicholson Baker’s concern about the digitization of newspapers (when done to the exclusion of maintaining print copies), Library Journal‘s Francine Fialkoff says “he must be quaking at Google’s latest announcement of a partnership with five of the great research institutions to scan their libraries’ print collections as digital files and make them searchable via the web.”
  • For a collection of brief pieces about the masters who’ve most influenced young (under 40) writers, Gary Shteyngart names Mark Twain and Zadie Smith tips her hat to C.S. Lewis.


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