Remainders: snowdrifts along the street edition

  • Screaming thigh sweats update: Dave Lull points me to Pico Iyer’s new NYRB essay on Graham Greene, which “will be published in a somewhat different form as an introduction to a Penguin edition of Greene’s Complete Short Stories to be published in February 2005.”
  • The ever-incisive Lisa Jardine sees similarities between the literary biography and reality television, arguing that many contemporary author biographies actually discourage readers from seeking out the subect’s work:

    Norman Sherry, for example, tends to take it for granted that his reader already knows and loves all of Greene’s novels, alluding in passing to suggestive resemblances between emotional incidents in the writer’s life and plot moments in novels written some time later. The life looms so much livelier than the work that the reader is discouraged from returning to the fiction.

    (Via The Reading Experience.)


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