Brigid Hughes, Plimpton successor, to leave Paris Review in March

The New York Times reports that Brigid Hughes, named successor to George Plimpton as The Paris Review‘s editor-in-chief last year, will step down from her position when her contract expires in March:

Thomas H. Guinzburg, the president of the foundation that oversees the publication, said yesterday that the board had decided not to renew Ms. Hughes’s contract.

Neither he nor Ms. Hughes would specify the reasons for her departure.

The resignation is a stunning development for the quarterly, which current and former employees say is struggling to adapt to a formal management structure and to being overseen by a board of directors that, for the first time, is trying to influence its editorial direction.

The new 10-person board, which resulted from the formation of a nonprofit foundation to oversee the magazine in the event of Mr. Plimpton’s death, has hired new employees and has pressed for editorial changes, like the publishing of more nonfiction articles, and themed issues designed to raise the review’s profile.

(Thanks to the Cinetrix for mailing the news in the wee hours.)

A few relevant links:

  • She spoke with the CS Monitor in August about her plans for The Paris Review‘s future.
  • And last year I interviewed her about the way unsolicited fiction submissions are handled at the magazine.


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