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This post was written by guest blogger Andy Fine.

In spite of Britain’s recent fox hunting ban equestrian garb is all the rage in England. In response to rising demand the good folks at Endeavor Clothing have launched a line of clothing based on Wuthering Heights:

Endeavour’s new line includes the “Catherine” hunting jacket, pure wool with an emerald-green satin lining, and “Linton” gloves lined with cashmere.

But the line’s most popular item is the “Isabella” anti-cellulite jodhpurs, which retail for about $380.

“We use a Lycra-cotton mesh lining that has a smoothing effect, and it’s sewn in right from the waist down to the knee,” Owen said. “Women just love this item, even if they aren’t riders.”

Perhaps even more frightening:

The current fashion trend in the States is towards classic, luxurious, upper-class fashion, so I expect to see the influence of English riding apparel represented in collections for autumn 2005,” said David Wolfe, creative director at the Doneger Group, a fashion trend consulting firm in New York.

Tom Julian, a trend analyst for Fallon World in New York, said the look already is identifiable in certain parts of the United States, such as along the Eastern seaboard and in South Florida.

I call bullshit on that last part. I live (part of the time) in South Florida and just got back from South Beach. I saw plenty of lycra but no equestrian-styled clothing and (thank god!) no anti-cellulite jodhpurs. Seems like Diesel jeans, skimpy tank tops, and breast implants are still the official uniform down here. If I didn’t see any hipsters at Nobu wearin’ this stuff it ain’t bein’ worn, so you’re still safe — at least for a while.


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