Introducing Andy

I’m away until at least February 2. Guest bloggers are taking over in my absence, and I’ve pre-posted introductions to appear before each begins. Andy is the first guest. He’ll be posting Monday, the 24th, and Tuesday, the 25th.

Andy and I grew up in South Florida but didn’t meet until we enrolled in Harry Crews‘ undergraduate writing class at the sub-par southern university we attended in Gainesville, Florida. Last October I posted our reminiscences about the Crews class. Among other things, Andy recalled:

I wrote a forgettable story about a woman who may or may not have had sex with a dog because she thought it was the reincarnation of her old heroin-smoking lover.

Crews opened with my story the next week, and the first thing he said was “I just want to read you all something because this might be the stupidest thing I’ve ever read.” He gave me a D. I also got a C or a D on my second story and a B on my third story, but somehow I ended up with a B+ in the class.

(Please be sure to check out Andy’s pictorial comparison of Crews with the alien from Predator.)

After graduating with useless degrees in English, we blundered into law school together. Unlike me — I fled the practice of law five years ago, and will consequently be paying off my student loan debts until the end of the 24th Century — Andy still works as an attorney (sometimes, anyway).

But lawyering hasn’t killed his smarts or his sense of humor. He’ll keep you on your toes.


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