Sideways, no; Giamatti, yes

Not that greatI can’t get on board with the nearly universal veneration of Sideways.
Maybe it would’ve been better if it’d ended when Miles dropped Jack off at his fiancee’s house, although that still wouldn’t have excused the schlocky love-interest scenes.*

But I always like Paul Giamatti (who played Miles in Sideways) and can’t wait to see him in the forthcoming The Hawk Is Dying, one of at least two Harry Crews novels coming to the screen.

Evidently Giamatti’s turn in this film has inspired the actor to take up falconry:

The movie, [like the] novel, is about a bored auto upholsterer in Gainesville, Florida, who starts training a wild hawk. “I had the bird on my arm most of the movie,” Giamatti says. “It was fascinating, because you’d rehearse a quasi-love scene, and then you’d put the bird in there, and it would completely change the scene.” Although he was initially nervous around the hawks, he now wants to spend some time working with their trainer.

Incidentally, film lovers and critics should note that this week marks the debut of The Conversation, “a cinephile’s Golden Globes-watching party,” where The Cinetrix, Liz Penn of The High Sign (also known as Dana Stevens of Slate’s surfergirl), Aaron of Out of Focus, and others take the gloves off.

* Before you send that diatribe along, remember: I can’t help it if there’s a lump of coal where my heart should be.


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