Introducing Wendy

I’m away until at least February 2. Guest bloggers are taking over in my absence, and I’ve pre-posted introductions to appear before each begins.

Many thanks to Jimmy for blogging yesterday. Please direct all fan mail and comments to jimmy [at]

Today’s guest, Wendy McClure, maintains her own website, at, although she says:

My site is called Pound. I know: there’s a “y” in that url. Close your eyes and forget it’s there.

She also writes the pop culture column for BUST magazine, and occasionally contributes recaps to Television Without Pity. And she’s the author of the forthcoming memoir I’m Not the New Me, out in late April of this year.

Recently at Poundy — I mean, er, Pound — she’s been posting about the process of writing and publishing the book, her first. Here’s part of her letter to readers of her the advance copy of I’m Not the New Me:

Please note this advance edition is FOR LIMITED DISTRIBUTION NOT FOR SALE, as indicated in the block letters on the bright red banner on the front cover, and in the two red banners on the back cover. You may also be aware that this is an UNCORRECTED MANUSCRIPT. While I understand that those of you who read galleys are well accustomed to seeing numerous print and even factual mistakes at this stage of the pre-publication process, and that really, you don’t mind if you can see where I drooled random punctuation and half-assed grammar all over the keyboard and where nobody bothered to clean it up for God’s sake, I am more than a tad mortified. And I know that reading the galley for a book is a lot like watching a dress rehearsal for a play, but all the same you’d hope the lead actress shaved her legs that day. Therefore I have begun to compile a list of all the typos and factual errors appearing in the galley edition of I’m Not the New Me in the hopes doing so will make your reading experience as pleasant as possible. Thank you. –WM

p. 3: We will fix that bad break at the top of the page. I mean, Jesus.

p. 41: There really should be commas after “thought” in Line 10 and “office” in Line 11.

p. 50: On the very last line on that page, the use of punctuation outside the word in quotation marks is wrong, unless you happen to be British. Then again, if you are British, the quotation marks are the wrong kind anyway. So I think the correct punctuation for the word in question, depending on who you are, can be ” ‘shitty,’ ” or ‘ “shitty”,’ or maybe even ‘shitty’, but definitely not ” “shitty”,.”

pp. 65-67, 69 Not sure if we can legally use the word “Slurpee” in this context. They’re checking.

p. 81: Lines 1, 2 and 4 should be in italics.

p 115: In Paragraph 2, the part that says “driving west towards the sun” is incorrect. Because I’m driving from Chicago to Pennsylvania in this chapter and going, you know, EAST. The corrected passage should say “driving east towards the sun,” and the scene in question should take place in the morning, even though technically it didn’t, because The Chicago Manual of Style does not advise reversing the earth’s rotation unless absolutely necessary.

Wendy’s been saving herself all week for you, dear readers, and you will not be disappointed.

Email her at wendy [at]


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