A Moorish Girl Monday

I’ve bitten my tongue until it’s almost ready to fall off — a sad state of affairs in the aftermath of a root canal — to keep from broadcasting Laila Lalami’s great news. Now, at last, I can stop, because the Moorish Girl has made the announcement:

I haven’t often talked about my writing on this blog because I’ve always meant for Moorishgirl to be a window for me onto the outside world, not the other way around. And I also had the sentiment that writing is a solitary activity, something I do every day for and by myself. Sometimes, when a piece gets a prize or is published somewhere, I share the news here, even though the recognition makes me simultaneously grateful and uncomfortable. Today is another one of those occasions when my work has received some attention that might interest you, dear reader. My agent sent out my manuscript, The Things That Death Will Buy, to publishers a few weeks ago, and I’m happy to report that I’ve accepted an offer for a two-book deal from Algonquin Books.


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