I can’t wait to read this book!

This post was written by guest blogger Dennis DiClaudio.

I have for a long time suspected that the Civil Rights movement was a terribly destructive force in in our nation’s progress and that the Northern states were actually somehow responsible for Jim Crow laws down South. I mean, it just seems so obvious, doesn’t it? Come on, think about it. Summon the image of Martin Luther King leading a march upon the White House, and now summon the image of a bomb exploding in an African-American church. Now tell me who was at fault. What nerve those black churchgoers had peacefully congregating to worship while there’s so many unexploded bombs in the world. What did they expect was going to happen? Nothing?

I’ve finally found a book that supports my totally batshit insane view of American History, and it’s author seems to be just as stupid as me!

And it’s written at a 9th-grade level, so I won’t even have to think too hard. Wow!

I’ve been feeling so much less lonely these past few months.


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