Happy MLK Day

MLKAs the country (except for those of us here at the glue factory) observes Martin Luther King Day, a parent writes to The Boston Globe:

A few days before the celebration of Martin Luther King’s birthday, I looked for a book for my black child in a large chain bookstore. I could find nothing on our only celebration of an African-American or King.

What’s that you say? It’s no biggie if the bookstore doesn’t stock MLK-related books for kids, because they’ll learn about civil rights and slavery in history class?

Not so fast, there, cowboy. Late last year, an Atlanta area public school district was using third grade textbooks in which comments on slavery were limited to these:

It took many people to work in the cotton fields. Georgia was one of the states that used slaves to help grow cotton and other crops. Black people from Africa and the West Indies were brought to America to help do the work on large farms.

(Emphasis supplied.)


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