Give Paris one more chance?

This post was written by guest blogger Jimmy Beck.

The Observer has more on The Paris Review dustup [Thanks to GalleyCat for the link]:

“The young people on the staff, none of them had participated in early days of The Review, and all of them had worked for George–and when they worked for George, they were in a very collegial and informal atmosphere, and that was O.K.,” said the source. “But when George was no longer around, something had to fill in some management role, and it was the foundation. In time the board will have younger people on it who are perhaps more in touch with contemporary writing. It’s very hard to teach people who have never had to really be guided to take guidance from a bunch of folks who seem somewhat disassociated from The Review itself.

“But there is no other choice,” the source continued. “The board has responsibilities that don’t have anything to do with the content of the magazine. Suddenly people like accountants are more important.”

Look, I don’t know who the fuck this source thinks s/he is, but accountants have to include SASEs and cover letters just like everyone else, even if their submissions are agented. This is non-negotiable!


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