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This post was written by guest blogger Jimmy Beck.

Business World chronicles the rise of a bookselling behemoth in the Philippines:

Hoping to ride on the post-Liberation boom in 1945, the Ramoses reopened National Book Store at the Avenida-Soler corner. Disaster again struck in 1948 when a typhoon leveled the store and soaked all merchandise. The Ramoses worked even harder until they were able to acquire land for their own building on Avenida Rizal. Their nine-storey building was completed in 1965.

From then on, National Book Store’s growth was unstoppable. It has lived up to its name, selling school books, office supplies, and even greeting cards. In 1973, Mrs. Ramos successfully obtained licenses to reprint Hallmark greeting cards. She also convinced publishing giants like McGraw Hill, Prentice Hall, and Addison-Wesley to allow National Book Store to reprint textbooks, making them much more affordable to Filipinos.

A recent promotion offered customers their choice of Gray’s Anatomy or the OED with every purchase of a Venti Mocha Latte.


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