Belle de Jour’s book in miniature

Blogger/call girl Belle de Jour’s The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl gets the Guardian’s digested read treatment:

The first thing you should know is that I am a whore. Prostitution is steady work. I open my legs. And then I close them. It beats working in an office. After leaving university, I applied for a number of jobs that I never got and watched my savings steadily dwindle. So when a friend gave me the phone number of a madam, I decided to become a call girl. Like you do. And that’s really all there is to me, but since I’ve been overpaid to write a book I’d better witter on.

Samedi, le 1 novembre. French is so sophisticated and sensual. It also reminds you that I’m middle-class and respectable, because no one’s really interested in working-class or foreign prostitutes. Did I mention that I am actually rather clever? Oh, I did. Well, Martin Amis is cool.

Earlier: Eurotrash argues that Ms. de Jour is actually a 40-something British chap named Martin.


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