ZZ blogs, provides excuse to wish you a blue holiday

I was looking for a way to tie books to some information that Thisbe Nissen forwarded about corporations’ political contributions, and now I’ve got one. Steve alerts me that ZZ Packer (who wrote one of my favorite books of recent years) is guest-blogging for Joshuah Bearman this week. She writes:

My partner and I won’t be spending X-mas with my Bush-voting in-laws in red-state Virginia, as The Spouse has boycotted such, categorically. As a truce offering of sorts, though, the in-laws sent us a Home Depot gift card, which we promptly used before we learned that Home Depot donated almost 90% of their election cache to the GOP. And there’s more: Target, my guilty pleasure for cheap lip gloss and cute curlicue paper clips, donated 70% to the GOP. I’m ashamed to say I wouldn’t have known any of this were it not for an email I received from Thisbe Nissen; it came to her from Curtis Bauer, and to Curtis Bauer from the Center for Responsive Politics. We all know who Wal-Mart supports, but some others on the list might surprise you (Um, you might want to retract all those jokes about Martha Stewart meeting the business end of a shank).

When I showed Ms. Nissen’s email to Mr. Maud yesterday, he directed me to this nifty Blue Christmas chart. (And in case you missed the news when it was floating around last year: Richard Hayne, the founder and president of Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, made campaign contributions to Rick Santorum, who famously equated gay sex with bestiality and incest.)


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