Sealing its status as “Key West at Sea World”* for round table wannabes

A month after the Algonquin Hotel announced unspecified “lunch discounts” designed to lure “struggling writers” back inside its doors, the famed site of the Round Table is selling a $10,000 martini “with a loose diamond at the bottom.”

The drink was conceived in honor of former Algonquin patron Dorothy Parker, whose ode to the drink appears on every napkin:

I love a martini — but two at the most. Three I’m under the table; Four, I’m under the host.

Parker did adore her gin, it’s true, but she also famously said:

If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to.

* For the uninitiated: Key West, Florida, is six hours south of Miami. But tourists who want to avoid partying queers, the long drive, and actual nature can just visit the fake Key West, also in Florida, at an Orlando theme park. It’s pretty much exactly the same thing, except plastic, heterosexual and overpriced, with 75% fewer writer-alcoholics! (Thus the weak Algonquin comparison.)


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