Complete Franzen

  • Wondering what to do with books you don’t want? The CS Monitor notes that passing them along to and tracking their progress around the world is always an option. (Via Michael “The Heat Is On” Schaub at Bookslut.)
  • From Publishers Marketplace:

    Following in a great but unfortunate tradition, the NY Observer has a new reporter poking around publishing who has recast the old editors-don’t-edit misconception into the new jargon of outsourcing: “Much the same way that telemarketers and programmers have migrated to Bangalore, the once-venerated job of book editing is beginning to be shunted from tweedy three-martini fellows in publishing houses to a fleet of laptop-armed freelancers, at home in their sweat pants.” As you can see, deep and revealing insights about our business abound.

  • Salman Rushdie fields questions in India:

    Asked if he thinks the world is an evil kind of place, he replied with a wry smile: “I am against terrorism. I think it is regrettable.”

    If that didn’t clarify his stand, this did: “In America, we have to deal with strange growths called Bushes.”


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