In the blogs

It’s a slow news week, folks, so I’ve been turning to some of my favorite blogs for entertainment.

Bad News Hughes is recovering from the sight of a girl at a club wearing a single leg warmer, but Eurotrash has stepped up to the plate with an endorsement of the push to ban all books with homosexual themes and characters from public libraries in Alabama:

Once we’ve cleared that disgusting old pervert Shakespeare from our shelves and ensured Sir Ian McKellan never again plays Gandalf (actually, that’s not a bad idea, but not because he’s gay but because he’s a cheesy old ham), we can shut down the and our gay purge will be done.

Except for girl-on-girl action. Where would the average red-blooded Christian male be without his fix of hot lesbo action. It’s not gay, it’s, well, it’s hotttttttttttt! But we shall ensure that henceforth, only bona fide straight girls are allowed to act in such movies. After all, it’s all really just a warm up for the real thing – a thorough good porking from a real man for the pair of them! Lesbians not required. Bisexuals tolerated, but must look miserable and fail to reach their simulated orgasm.

Other highlights:

  • Kevin shares some of his roommate’s “unconscious verbal ejaculations of a negative character”:

    For no more reason than perhaps a deep-seated unhappiness or maybe an utter lack of imagination he will suddenly cough up an unexpected ‘Oh, my god!’ or an out-of-the-blue ‘Fuck me!’ When I first heard this, I thought he must be masturbating behind his bedroom door and merely giving voice to his feelings.

    Then he takes a look at his own.

  • To get a feel for winkyshock, read four or five posts, starting toward the bottom of the page. Then check in regularly as photocopier and coworker dramas unfold.


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