Blog openings

Jobs listed in the “Now Hiring” section of Low Culture, “the leading web log (or ‘blog’) for politics, entertainment, and unpopular culture (or ‘everything’) with a loyal readership in the hundreds of millions, as well as unparalleled name recognition in its field,” include:

Token Hot Girl: We are looking for the right applicant — or possibly two — to fill a unique position in our organization. We are seeking a token hot girl to appear in party photos and act as a liaison with investors and celebrities. At least 6 years dance experience (ballet, modern, tap, and ‘dirty’) required. Some minor semblance of writing skills a plus, hotness a must. Job code #60012

Joke Explainer: We need a person to explain jokes to our readers in clear, concise language that does not make them feel foolish or insulted. Sense of humor a must, compassion a plus. Must also have extensive contacts within the reader community and a willingness to explain jokes at length. Job code #15430


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