Good news, and the forecast

My dear friend Stephany Aulenback (known to many of you for nearly a year as’s Friday blogger) says I can reveal a little bit about one of the projects that led to her retirement from blogging.

So, it’s a boy! Or will be, sometime early next year, when he emerges from the womb with a pencil in hand. Send well-wishes (and unsolicited advice and name suggestions) to

Now the bad news: posting will be intermittent through the end of the year as we gear up to observe the upcoming gentile holiday and the passing of 2004.

There are gifts to buy, it’s busy at work, I’ve got some research to finish up for a forthcoming article, and I’ll need to brush up on acting like an adult before my stepdaughter arrives from Florida to ring in the New Year.

Annie Reid will step in tomorrow to post a couple of things. I’m planning to throw in a post or two. But beyond that, we at make no promises.


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