Blue Xmas for book-buyers

Last week, using ZZ Packer as an excuse, I directed readers to The site charts corporations’ political contributions, enabling Democrats to make informed choices about which stores to patronize.

Today Dennis Johnson of Moby Lives synthesizes Buy Blue’s bookstore data for you:

wondering whether to buy books online at or at Does it make the decision easier for you to know that 98% of B&N’s corporate political donations went to the Democrats, while 61% of Amazon’s went to the Republicans?

Or maybe you’ll be encouraged to get offline entirely and shop at an old-fashioned brick and mortar store upon hearing the news that Borders gave 100% of its donations to Democrats?. . . .

The Amazon numbers may be the most surprising on the site. . . . As one entry on Buyblue’s blog notes — an entry entitled, “Say it ain’t so, Jeff” — “It seems counterintuitive for a company patronized by so many progressives to turn around and donate their money to causes antithetical to their constituents’ values.”


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