No mall walking in 2004

The mall sent me trundling home, defeated, desperately scheming for ways to stay away.

Some thoughts:

First of all, all you book lovers you, go support your local independent bookseller. This is the season that really makes or breaks them for the next year. Find one by zip code here.

Remember how you felt after the November election? Like you wanted to make a difference? Like you thought about fleeing up here to Canada, but you thought you might stay and fight? Here’s an idea: instead of that tempting Queen Elizabeth I Barbie doll for that special someone, buy a heifer. Or maybe a llama. Or even a chick. Heifer International provides livestock for families and communties in poverty. The animals breed, and the families become donors for other families. Probably no one but the kids would mind if you donated a heifer in their name. For them, there’s always Juicy (TM) Couture Barbie. Or maybe Versace Barbie. (See? Now, didn’t that make you feel kind of icky? Now, go buy a heifer.)

And finally, here is a great list of non-consumer gift ideas, from the folks at BuyNothing!


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