What we’ve lost (or are in danger of losing)

On Tuesday I mentioned Tom Boncza-Tomaszewski‘s fascinating article about authors who’ve slipped or are slipping into obscurity. His list of five out-of-print recommendations inspired me to invite readers to send in their own.

Today Mr. Boncza-Tomaszewski wrote in to supplement his original suggestions, saying:

Unfortunately I was asked to provide the list of five books just after hearing some very disturbing news and forgot to mention an author who really deserves some coverage — Peter Burnett from Edinburgh. His [first novel], The Machine Doctor, was exceptional. He’s young(ish) and hopefully not about to be forgotten just yet; but I wanted to include him as his work is so hard to get hold of – all published by small independents. If he gets forgotten it’ll be a major disaster.

I’ve received many other interesting responses (most of which I’ve yet to acknowledge; forgive me, I’m way behind on email), and I’ll pre-post some of the suggestions to appear at staggered intervals while I’m out of town next week.

If you haven’t sent yours, please get them to me by tomorrow, 5 p.m., EST.


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