But really, don’t gooooooooooooooo!

On Thursday nights I usually sign off for the week and remind everyone that my friend Stephany Aulenback takes over on Fridays.

It’s been almost a year since I announced that Stephany would become MaudNewton.com’s standing Friday blogger. Since then, I know many of you have come to love her almost as much as I do. No, actually, that’s not possible. But everybody looks forward to Fridays, to Steph’s insights about literature and criticism, to her jokes, and especially to her personal posts, which are by turns funny and exceptionally moving.

So I know you’ll join me in feeling very sad that she’s stepping back from Friday duties. She needs to turn her attention to writing and other, larger projects.

I’m conflicted. My selfish impulse is to throw my arms around her knees and weep and beg her to stay, but in the end I can’t help but support a decision that brings us all closer to having a collection of Ms. Aulenback’s stories on our bookshelves.

Fans can send farewell or keep-in-touch notes to stephany [at] maudnewton.com. And if the spirit moves her, Steph may continue to pitch in with occasional book reactions, quick opinions, or interviews.

That’s it from me for the week. Have a good weekend, chickadees.


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