Remains of the Day

Some more things that happened this week:

  • An interview with David Mitchell, author of Booker-nominated Cloud Atlas
  • .

  • Writer/activist Barbara Ehrenreich has won the 2004 Puffin/Nation Prize, which carries a 100K purse.
  • In response to filmmaker Theo Van Gogh’s murder (an act of retribution for a film critical of Islamic fundamentalist treatment of women) in Holland, the Dutch government is considering reviving an old “blasphemy” law, so that people with “harmful” opinions like Van Gogh’s can be prosecuted before getting murdered. “If the opinions have a potentially damaging effect on society, the government must act,” said Dutch justice minister, Piet Hein Donner. Yikes.
  • Moorish Girl notes Garrison Keilor’s new show on literary friendships. I just hope they do a special on the Rock Bottom Remainders. I’ve always felt that the mark of my own true literary success will be the day I am asked to join a band! (Seriously.)


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