Lone canvasser crying out in the wilderness

Thomas Colereux lives and has been canvassing in Largo, Florida — a town near St. Pete — and he has this report:

each day has been a chore — my daily battle with protestant reticence as I trudge down the street. I’m so sorry to invade your privacy, your modern American castle. Yes I see I’ve crossed your moat of sprinklers to knock on your door . . . Some days I meet people fired up and ready to vote (or who have already voted), and those days are OK. Some days people don’t want to see me and the job gets very hard indeed.

It didn’t help that I was it — I was the tip of spear for my precinct — the only activist for either side for miles around inching up and down the streets in my neighborhood. Nobody down here is used to canvassing anymore – we’ve lost the instinct.

Yesterday . . . I walked down to the street at the south end of the neighborhood and around the canal to a mobile home park on Lark Lane behind the sheriff’s office. . . . I knew the rules were different here.


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