Introducing Annie Reid

Ms. Annie Reid of Vancouver, Canada, has agreed to take over around here most Fridays (with Emma Garman pinch-hitting every fourth week).

Annie grew up in Ohio. She graduated from Oberlin, kicked around Seattle for a few years — writing and receiving grants from the State of Washington — and earned an MFA from the University of Texas’ Michener Center for Writers. Her fiction has appeared in Alaska Quarterly Review and other publications, and she’s taught writing at the U.T. Extension Program, the Texas League of Writers, and the UCLA Extension Writer’s Program.

In case this isn’t enough awe-inducing enough, she also writes screenplays. Last year the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded her a Nicholl Fellowship (to the tune of $30,000, sources say) for “Revival.”

Plus, she’s funny, genuine, smart and occasionally foul-mouthed. What more could you want in a blogger, except possibly inside knowledge about your favorite whiskey?

At one low point in my blogging addiction career, Annie sent a rousing email message (subject line, “they suck, you don’t”) that touched off an exchange in which she imparted the following wisdom:

A little venom is good for what ails you. That and Maker’s Mark. Have you been to the distillery? You get to dip your own wee bottle in the red wax and max out your credit cards on frivolous drinking accessories. Apparently, they have a “frequent visitors” club for the already damned, and t-shirts for those on the way. . . .

The distillery is tucked away in the middle of freakin’ nowhere in Kentucky, along a winding highway that I suspect has an unusually high accident rate. All the buildings are painted black (and red, natch!) and the whole place smells woozy and smoky, like the distillery burnt down a few weeks ago. Kind of both pastoral and satanic, at the same time.

I’ve since written this on a tiny piece of paper and tucked it inside my pillowcase to help me sleep at night. There’s also a copy in my “Go Bag,” alongside an expired passport, $50 in small bills, and a package of stale Cheez-Its.

After agreeing, due to blackmail, to post on Fridays, Annie “went back and read some of Stephany’s old posts and developed an inferiority complex.” Now, we all know there’s no replacing Steph, but no matter what self-deprecating things she says, don’t let Ms. Reid fool you. She’ll be a crackerjack blogger in her own right.

I’ll be back this weekend, briefly. And I’ve pre-posted some items about out-of-print books to appear while I’m away next week. Until then, enjoy Annie.


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