Brief Semi-Hiatus

I’ll be away through the 29th, visiting my sister, and giving thanks that my parents live more 500 miles away and are estranged from both of us.

Although I’d planned to take care of my email backlog before leaving, I’ve made nary a dent in the massive pile that’s accumulated. If you don’t hear from me by tomorrow morning, you’ll probably have to wait until my return. (My sister and her partner recently moved. They don’t have Internet access, and haven’t repaired their broken computer.) It’ll be a working vacation — I’ve shoved a pile of papers into my suitcase — but I’m counting on a blogging and email fast.

On Monday, the 29th, I read at Junno’s with Darin Strauss. The series is devoted to works-in-progress, so unless I chicken out I’ll read a passage from the *%@#$ draft of my novel.

I’ve pre-posted some of out-of-print book recommendations to appear throughout next week. And if any breaking literary news comes up, Annie Reid may pop in to announce it. Otherwise, you know where to go.

I leave you with a link to the first paragraph of my favorite Donald Barthelme essay, taken from The Teachings of Don B. Here’s a preview: “At last, it is time to speak the truth about Thanksgiving. The truth is this: it is not a really great holiday. “


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