Apologies, and a panel

The espresso IV drip and ephedrine cocktail aren’t doing the trick for me this morning, but the people at the day job are all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

They seem to expect that the papers and books piled on my desk will be dealt with and passed along to sit in piles on someone else’s desk before I take off for Thanksgiving with my sister in Massachusetts next week. So I’m sorry I haven’t answered your email.

Things will be slow around here today, and probably tomorrow, with a brief but significant improvement on Friday as Ms. Annie Reid of Vancouver, Canada (introduction forthcoming), takes over. Next week, MaudNewton.com will rest.

Tomorrow night I’ll be participating in a literary blogging panel sponsored by the New York chapter of the Women’s National Book Association and organized and moderated by Janet Reid of the JetReid Literary Agency. Other panelists will include:

Michael Cader, creator and publisher of PublishersLunch and PublishersMarketplace;

Sarah Weinman, Confessions Of An Idiosyncratic Mind;

Wendy McClure, columnist at BUST magazine, and mastermind behind Poundy and Candyboots; and

Adam Hertz, Vice President of Engineering, Technorati

Details are here. Admission for WNBA nonmembers is $10.


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