Although Charlotte’s Mother Could Be My Mom’s Next-Door Neighbor

The Guardian offers up a satisfyingly vicious digested read of Tom Wolfe’s latest effort. Here’s an excerpt:

“Well, ah-ull be darned,” said Charlotte’s mother, “Fancy a hillbilly’s daughter go-un to Dupont”.

Charlotte grimaced at the way her mammy said ah-ull and go-un. She wished she would shut up. “I am Charlotte Simmons,” she said to herself.

The cleverest girl ever to leave Sparta, North Carolina felt crippled inside. Her roommate was so posh.

“So here we are in our fuck-pad,” grinned Beverley

For the Wolfe fans among you: C-SPAN takes an “in-depth” look at the seersucker-loving author this weekend. (Thanks to Beat Royalty for the last two links.)


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