The slicks

  • Christopher Monks recaps the fifteen ads that appear before the Table of Contents in the November, 2004, issue of Vanity Fair:

    Ad #15 – Guess: Paris Hilton! And she’s not having sex or doing something racist! Wow. What a coup for Guess to score Paris Hilton in an ad not having sex or doing something racist. I wonder how they managed that? Impressive. She’s trying to open a bottle of wine by her crotch.

  • The GOP tries to dismiss as “Kitty Kelley journalism” Ron Suskind’s New York Times Sunday magazine article, which “examines the extraordinary degree to which Bush and his senior aides rely on their ‘faith’ and their ‘gut’ to make key policy decisions, and how those who raise questions based on facts or ‘reality’ are cut out of the inner circle.”
  • Radar magazine is re-launching. According to editor-in-chief and founder Maer Roshan its website “will incorporate some of the voice and style that has developed in blogs.”


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