The man whose name may now be spoken

From my bed of sickness and torpor, I’d like to raise a glass of (medicinal, of course) Wild Turkey in honor of Mr. Alex Balk, former proprietor of The Minor Fall, The Major Lift and anthologized McSweeney’s humor writer. Mr. Balk has popped his anonymity cherry to write for The New York Times. (Second item.)

So thrilling is the prospect of seeing his criticism in print that I find I can overlook his writing for Ariel Kaminer.

Kaminer’s invitation (“The Minor’s Fallen . . . and he ain’t getting up”) to the “wake” for Mr. Balk’s blog read, as a friend of mine said, more like a threat than a eulogy. Still, she’s not without her redeeming qualities. I understand her recruiting techniques are flawless.


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