One week from today

  • From J. Daniel Janzen’s “The Wrong Man’s Burden (With Apologies to Rudyard Kipling)“:

    Take up the Wrong Man’s burden–
    Protect the crude ye must;
    Partition out the oilfields
    To those ye know and trust.
    Though Arabs might suspect it
    And mind it terribly–
    What’s good for Halliburton
    Is good for you and me.

  • Eric Weinberger contemplates Graham Greene’s significance at his centenary:

    When the vice-president can twist Senator John Kerry’s words so that we start snickering at the idea of waging a “sensitive war,” we have left the morally ambiguous territory of Graham Greene, for whom such oppositions or seeming paradoxes were paramount

  • The New Yorker broke with 80 years of tradition this week and endorsed a candidate for president: Kerry. It’s a judicious, well-reasoned article, run instead of the usual “Talk of the Town” section, but I doubt it’ll make much difference where it counts: among Ohioans and Floridians.


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