n+1’s bookseller conversation: the shocking conclusion

When last we checked in with n+1 magazine, one of the staff of the new, independent endeavor was struggling to sell an issue at a local bookstore.

Two weeks after accepting the issue for sale, the bookstore’s proprietor said that no one among his or her Corrections-crazed patrons had expressed interest in it. If someone did, the proprietor said, he or she would sell that person the magazine for any amount offered.

Today we meet up again with our n+1 hero and learn the shocking conclusion to the “Conversation with a Bookseller”:

n+1: So, did you sell your n+1?

Bookseller: Yes and no.

n+1: Uh . . .

Bookseller: Someone came in, but it was a ringer. Some relative of yours.

n+1: A relative?

Bookseller: Yes. Do you have relatives in New York?

n+1: I have no relatives.

Bookseller: Well, he was a close family friend. He knew all about our previous conversation. And so I felt bad taking money from him, and I said, since you hadn’t charged me for it, I wouldn’t charge him for it either. . . .


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