Bloom County creator on scandals he can’t touch

OpusOPUS : 25 Years of His Sunday Best, new out this week, celebrates the 25th anniversary of Berkeley Breathed‘s Bloom County. Breathed talks with USA Today about the constraints on today’s comics pages:

“It’s hard to push the envelope anymore. If Bloom County were starting now, I could never get away with what I did then. I’m getting my hand slapped more than I ever was in the ’80s. It’s a genre that doesn’t want to get shook up.”

Asked to name a scandal he’d like to pounce on, he becomes circumspect. “Bill O’Reilly and his loofah mitt in the shower. Or the one where we invade the wrong country after being lied to, and it costs tens of thousands of lives. Either is just as fun, but people seem oddly more concerned with the former.”


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